Guide to Finding Serviced Apartments in Singapore For for Expats

Expat Living in Singapore


Singapore is the home to millions of expats from countries around the world. Many of these residents come to Singapore on company business and others move to Singapore because they love the lifestyle the diverse island offers. Many of Singapore’s expats are from Asian countries others are from the United States, Canada and European countries. Singapore is an island of diverse religious cultures and includes Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus. A few of the 28 districts in Singapore at one time were mainly residential areas for expats. Popular regions included the Central Business District, the northern districts of the island, Singapore’s East Coast, and the area around Orchard Road. Today, expats are finding housing that fits their budget and lifestyle in many of the island’s other districts.



Singapore is one of the largest financial centres in the world.


Why Singapore is So Popular For Expats

Singapore is one of the largest financial centres anywhere in the world. Corporate executives and businessmen regularly visit the city on business, and some stay for a longer duration. Other travellers come to Singapore frequently for leisure trips. A lot of travellers who come to Singapore prefer accommodations that offer more space and amenities than the typical hotel experience, which is the reason that so many visitors book accommodations at serviced apartments. Singapore has an abundance of serviced apartments for rent and sale.



Serviced apartments provide amenities which is convenient  and useful while you can save money.


Why Serviced Apartments Are a Good Option

Serviced apartments in Singapore are becoming more popular for business and leisure travellers. Although hotels can be an option when you’re staying a few days, but they don’t allow for the privacy you can have with a serviced apartment. The expense of a hotel can be more than you want to spend, especially if you’re travelling with your family and require more space. Another advantage to serviced apartments is that you have the same amenities that you’d get with a hotel and you can save money. Serviced apartments offer:

• Beautifully appointed kitchens
• Homey atmosphere
• One to four bedrooms
• Lounge for entertaining or relaxing



Central Business District is one of the prime location for service apartments rental.


Serviced Apartment Rentals

Orchard Road and the Central Business District are prime locations for serviced apartment rentals. Depending on the location, apartment size, and amenities, you can find apartyment rentals at reasonable prices, but for the most luxurious amenities and large apartments, expect to pay more. Luxury apartments that can sleep up to six guests are available in the Orchard Road area. In some apartment developments, the minimum stay is seven days. Amenities may include:

•Maid service
•Swimming pool
•Tennis court

One of the great things about serviced apartments is that they’re already furnished. However, if you plan to stay in Singapore for a longer duration, you may furnish the apartment yourself. Budget apartments are available, or you can experience the ultimate in luxury with a penthouse-style, serviced apartment.



Service apartment provide 24 hour security.



Luxury swimming pool in service apartments.


Serviced Apartments For Sale

If you’ll be in Singapore for an extended period of a year or more, one of your best options is to buy a serviced apartment. In Singapore, most apartment developments share facilities including a swimming pool, a gym, and a barbecue area. Most apartment development provide 24 hour security. If you choose to live further out from the downtown area, public transportation offers service to all the districts on the island. New apartments in high-rise developments, especially in the Marina Bay area, offer panoramic views of the waterfront and luxury amenities.

With 28 distinct districts in Singapore, you’re sure to find a serviced apartment in a locale that appeals to your lifestyle and fits your budget. Apartments are within proximity to shopping, dining and entertainment, attractions, and schools, and public transportation is always nearby.