How to Transition to Summer Makeup


As the sun shines down for more hours each day and the temperatures provide a lovely outdoor retreat, women everywhere are looking to lighten up their makeup from the dark days of the winter.

Lighter Appeal

While deep red lipsticks and heavier blushes can serve a purpose in the winter, they don’t often find themselves garnering the same acclaim during the summer months. You certainly do not need to replace all of your makeup, but you should look for some lighter alternatives.


Nothing is wrong with cheeks that look as though they were lightly kissed pink by the sun or a lavender eyeshadow where you might have chosen a deep plum just two months ago.


The Almighty Tan

When the weather is warm, you likely want to look as though you have spent a great deal of time outdoors whether you actually did not not. Using bronzer is the safe way to get a glow as skin cancer is a very real danger.


Do not choose a bronzer that is too dark though, or you could just end up looking dirty. Fake tanners are possibilities, but you should always choose ones that are specifically made for your face and that provide a natural appeal.

Waterproof All The Way

You might choose to use certain waterproof products all year long, but doing so is particularly important in the summer when sweat often gets in the way of beauty.


Choosing waterproof mascara and eyeliner, as well as investing in a good makeup remover, is a smart decision for the warmer months. If you are sweating, you don’t want your makeup to run off. Not only is it a beauty faux pas, but all of the makeup seeping into your eyes can make them start to burn. (see Shakura Malaysia online)

Beaches and The Pool

Some will say that you really don’t need to wear any makeup to either of these places, but you might feel uncomfortable without a touch. Always opt for waterproof, and go extremely light with the products.

You should bring some staples with you, as long as they won’t melt, since you will need to touch up your face after getting out of the pool or the ocean.You don’t want to throw your entire makeup routine away completely during the summer, but these tips can help you to look more appropriate for the season. Find Shakura beauty centres in KL in order to learn about the latest beauty treatments and regimens.