How You Can Study Business In The UK

For business students in Malaysia and throughout the world, the United Kingdom provides many of the greatest educational opportunities available. The UK is well respected as a global leader in business education, and it offers students a significant array of opportunities beyond traditional education. Students in Malaysia who want to take advantage of a UK business education have a number of options.


Attend a University or College

The most direct way for a Malaysian student to study business in the UK is to attend a UK university or college that has a robust business program. Keep in mind that most UK schools value diversity and set aside resources specifically for acquiring students from outside the country. In fact, many of these schools even have aid programs available to reduce the financial burden of relocating to the UK.


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Take Advantage of a Twinning Program

Another way to attend a UK university is to sign up for UK twinning programmes. Twinning or exchange programs are a partnership between two or more universities that allow students to attend classes at the other. Many Malaysian universities have exchange programs in place with one or more UK universities, and students in standard programs have the option of studying for as little as six months abroad or for as long as three and a half years.


Brickfields Asia College UK Twinning Programmes

Brickfields Asia College UK Twinning Programmes



Take a Business Course

Attending a university or college full time is not practical for all students. Taking a business course is an option that allows a student to learn while also continuing to be employed. Students can apply for a business course with most UK universities and colleges. Perhaps the best way to facilitate this approach is to take a job with a UK company in Malaysia and then seek a transfer. It may also be possible to achieve local financial aid that with help with the relocation.



Accept a Position as an Intern

Studying business in the UK doesn’t have to be limited to the classroom, and internships are excellent alternatives to the classroom that provide real work experience. Many companies seeking interns will hire students from Malaysia and other parts of the world in order to diversify their workforce. Additionally, it’s possible to take an internship with a UK company that has a presence in Malaysia, and such opportunities can also count as credit at a Malaysian university, such as BAC Malaysia.



Benefit from Employment-Related Opportunities

Many UK companies offer their employees the opportunity to better themselves by continuing their education on their own time. Generally, the student will apply for a business course that is approved by the employer, and then the employer will subsidize the costs in whole or in part. Some employers may require a long-term contract to offset the risk, but it’s still an excellent opportunity for students who may have no other options.



Study Online

The Internet has changed the way people attend school, and perhaps rather than signing up for twinning programmes, it is easier to study business via the UK is to take an online program. The successful student can use the online program as a way to get their foot in the door, such as earning a scholarship that covers the cost of actually attending school in the UK.