Long Term Stay In Malaysia: Accomodation Tips!

Planning on taking a trip to Malaysia? If so, here are some tips on how to plan your trip stress free, and budget friendly, especially if your plans are to be there for an extended period of time. First, depending on the nature of your trip, check in your local home country to see if you need a Visa or not. There are circumstances that sometimes require travelers to a Visa, and there are circumstances that allow exemption from needing a Visa. Therefore, research which situation fits you and your families needs.

If your visit is long-term, you also want to research the banking system in Malaysia, or simply decide how you want to use your money while there. Such as, do I want to use ATM, cash, or travelers cheques while in Malaysia? Find out about Malaysia’s importing laws as well, because there may be fees associated depending upon the items you are bringing.

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As a non-resident traveler you do not want to be inconvenienced or detained at an airport for lack of doing proper homework that could have helped you learn about specific monetary laws of Malaysia, and for certain there will some that may apply to your families travel situation.

After you have researched and learned of all the legalities involved in international travel, the next step is to look for rooms for rent or find a sublet to rent during your stay. Although the thought of staying at a nice, luxurious resort, hotel, or lodge, first comes to mind when planning a prolonged trip or vacation. Consider the budget. Because Malaysia has certain monetary capped restrictions, meaning, travelers may only be allowed to carry up to a specified amount of money, creating a strict budget is necessary.

But don’t worry, a sublet property, rental home, or town-home in Malaysia will give you some of the same comforts you would like to experience from a hotel when on vacation. Once again, do your homework. It is very easy to conduct either a internet travel search or to contact a travel agent in your home country to find information about apartment rentals and houses that are furnished or unfurnished for you to live in while staying in Malaysia at great prices. In all honesty, prolonged vacationing is more affordable in terms of lodging for those who decide to sublease or stay in a rental property.


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