Activate or Recommit Your Membership

New Members

All faculty, both tenure track and non-tenure track, employed at .5 or above at Western Oregon University are invited to officially activate their membership with WOUFT.

Recommit to WOUFT

Current members are encouraged to recommit to WOUFT. The same secure form linked below is used for both new and existing members.

Membership Activation and Recommit Form (linked here)

To activate your membership or to recommit your membership to WOUFT, please complete the form linked above and return it to Karla Hale, Vice-President of Membership and Organization.

You can:
1) scan and send through email (,
2) send through campus mail (RWEC 151),
3) or turn it in to her in person (RWEC 151).

For any questions or concerns about your membership in WOUFT, please contact Karla Hale, Vice-President of Membership and Organization at