Opportunities to Study Medicine in Russia

There are a number of factors that commonly affect an individual’s decision to study medicine; the main areas of consideration are the cost and quality of study in the chosen area of medicine. Finding a medical degree at an affordable price from a recognized university is possible when Russia is chosen as the location of study.

Before getting into the specifics of the expense of studying medicine most students and potential students look at a large number of higher education institutions to look for the best available school to study in. Most people wishing to study medicine look for an academic institution with a good reputation, high rankings and recognition from globally recognized bodies, such as the World Health Organization and UNESCO. The top ranked medical school in Russia, Moscow State University is open to foreign students attending the institution to be taught by some of the best qualified medical professionals in the country. Moscow State University and many other academic institutions offering medical degrees in Russia feature in high places each year on the list of top 100 medical universities in the world.

Not only do Russian medical universities offer a high level of academic instruction the cost of attending a school and living nearby is much cheaper than colleges and universities in other countries. After choosing an area of study from medicine, dentistry and pharmacy a student can often live in university accommodation or close to the school in a private residence for a fraction of the cost of living in a different country. Prospective students are not limited to studying in Moscow; over 50 universities spread throughout Russia offer medical training for students reaching academic standards set out for acceptance. The commonly required areas of study include physics, chemistry, biology and English. Courses are taught over a period of five to seven years depending on whether the course is taught in Russian or English.

Websites and companies offering advice and assistance in applying and attending medical school in Russia are available in many countries. One of the most respected companies for assisting students is www.medicalcollege.com.my who have been assisting Malaysian students in gaining entry to Russian medical schools for more than ten years.

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