Cathodic Protection-Corrosion resistance and cathodic protection addresses new challenges

Cathodic protection is essential in protecting metal applications in a range of conditions that can lead to corrosion activity. The metal anode used in the process shields the metal from potential corrosion. This particular protective measure is particularly beneficial in environments where pieces are submerged.

What is cathodic protection?

Cathodic protection consists of using a metal anode to eliminate or control corrosion. Cathodic protection involves the use of a sacrificial metal layer or barrier that is exposed to the corrosive environment. In acting as a barrier, the other metal is protected. The goal is to protect the various applications from rust accumulation. The actual anode is dissolved when the application is submerged to eliminate corrosion from happening.

Common scenarios where they are used

Any steel application that is ever submerged in water are treated using this process. Cathodic protection can be used in pipelines, piles, boat hulls, storage tanks, water heaters and oil well. Coatings like zinc are used to prevent the rust activities. Metallic structures can be protected with cathodic protection. In some cases, the protective method can be used in conjunction with a DC electrical power source for additional activity.

Other applications where cathodic protection is used

• Wind turbines
• Generators
• Pontoons
• Dock gates
• Water tanks

As an alternative to other corrosion control methods

Cathodic protection is considered a good alternative to protective coatings. For buried applications and submersion in waterfront structures, the cathodic protection method is the preferred means of controlling corrosion. This is because compliance and regulatory requirements are more easily met using cathodic protection. There are a number of safety and environmental consequences for application failure. Federal, state and government entities continually increase their requirements for general storage and use of metal applications to prevent disastrous or dangerous conditions from happening. Cathodic protection addresses the need for improved corrosion resistance to meet these new challenges.

Using Capac corrosion systems

Capac corrosion protection systems provide an automatic cathodic protection for boats. The boats can be submerged without experiencing corrosion and rust. An automated controller, a control electrode, surface anode and a meter are used as a part of the system. The protective current is released from the anode and flows into the water to submerged metal parts to reduce and eliminate corrosion. Anode currents are increased automatically in the system whenever the electrode potential drops beneath the preset control value.

Advantages of using such a system

The user-friendly systems put protection in complete control of the operator. Overhead associated with labor are reduced because of the automation features and reduced reliance on manual operation. Easier maintenance resulting from cathodic protection reduces cost of ownerhip. Oscillation and overprotection are other problems managed with the system.

Cathode protection is necessary for a variety of applications. Since required in a range of applications, Capac corrosion protection systems make it easier to adhere to compliance standards. Capac systems provide a reduced maintenance, less labor intensive way to prevent corrosion from causing damage to applications vulnerable to the problem. We invite you to learn more at about cathode protection.

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5 Kitchen Design Tips that Make Mealtimes Easier

Designing a kitchen can be a daunting task, but it can also be fun. When you have a kitchen that fits your needs, life is easier, and you spend less time cleaning up and preparing food.



Think what the floor plan you want to suit your the decoration of your home.


Consider the Floorplan

Choosing a floorplan that fits your needs is one of the most important decisions you can make in your kitchen. Do you want an open floorplan? Do you want a kitchen island or a butcher block? Do you want a breakfast bar? You should make sure that no matter what you decide, your kitchen has plenty of wide walkways so you can easily open your cabinets, your oven, your dishwasher and other doors while allowing others to pass by uninhibited. You’ll also need to take into account the original floorplan of your kitchen to determine what options are available to you.



Choose a theme for your kitchen that you like.



Decide on a Theme

While your theme might not be quite as thematic as some kitchens (tropical island kitchen, rustic Italian farmhouse or retro 1950s style), you want to create a unifying feel for your space based on your needs and your family’s personality. Are you the type of person who doesn’t like to see clutter anywhere in your house? If so, you might want to incorporate a minimalistic theme into your kitchen with plenty of stainless steel and monochromatic features. If you are someone who likes a homey feel, you can incorporate warm colors, plush chairs and farmhouse details into your space. If you’re having a difficult time choosing a theme, focus on one decorative item, like a pair of curtains you love or your favorite painting, then build your kitchen’s theme around those items.



Think about the functionality and design before choosing the counter tops.


Choose the Countertops

The two design factors to think about when considering a countertop are functionality and design. Many people consider design without thinking about functionality. First, you’ll need to decide on a material. While tiles can fit into your theme quite nicely, consider how easy (or how difficult) they might be to clean or take care of. Cleaning the grout between the tiles is difficult and can be costly. Maybe you want a stainless steel countertop to fit in with your minimalistic theme; however, you’re going to need to use a special stainless steel cleaner to keep those countertops shiny. Granite is always a good choice when it comes to countertops since it’s easy to clean and comes in a variety of colors and finishes.



Make it easy for food and utensils storage.


Make Storage Easy

Think about how you like to cook, store your food and utensils and complete other tasks in the kitchen. Are the members of your family short or tall? Will you need assistance reaching high shelves? Do you have back problems that make bending down to reach short shelves difficult? Considering how you store items in your kitchen will help you decide how to arrange your shelves and drawers. While drawers are popular in a lot of kitchens, replacing cabinets, you might need to open up several drawers to find one dish or pan, where you would only need to open one cabinet. Do you use a lot of canned goods? If so, you might want to incorporate a lazy susan into your kitchen. Do you do paperwork or pay bills in your kitchen? You might want to get a built-in desk installed in one of your cabinets to store pens, pencils, markers and a white board.



Prepare a small dining table for children!


Choose How You Want to Eat

Many kitchens now have eat-in dining nooks and breakfast bars. If you have little kids, you might not want to opt for a breakfast bar that is extremely high and is hard for little kids to reach. Instead, you could opt for a breakfast nook with small wood dining tables to make breakfast, lunch and clean-up a breeze.

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Art is Essential to Life

Art can transform lives. It gives us the power to question, to confront, to explore, and to challenge how we think about the world. Art is something essential in life, and it can bring wonders to a person.

That is why the best way to bring art to a person is to make them start at a very young age. I have been telling my wife, Marsha that we should get our daughters to start art classes. Why?

Art makes you feel something. It helps you to let go of your feelings. It is a way to release your stress. You can imagine the white canvas to be your diary where you just let go of all your feelings, but instead of putting it in words, you draw.

Recommended Inspiring Reading: Vinod Sekhar

Art makes you observe and analyze. When you look at a piece of art, you observe, and you analyze. Why would the artist paint such a masterpiece? What was he thinking when he was doing this up? It makes you think and imagine as to what could this person be trying to say.

Which leads to our next reason, it makes you give out a message. Doing art helps you give out a message, to someone, or maybe the world. You wouldn’t need language to understand it, which basically makes every single person in the world able to understand and interpret the message in the art.

See Also Incredible Global Leader: Datuk Vinod Sekhar

Lastly, art says things that words just can’t say. For example, how a sunset looked 300 years ago, how people dressed so many years ago. Until now, if we haven’t had any drawing or images, we wouldn’t know the history of our world.

You can show what pain looks like, what love looks like, what did the world look like and what it could look like in the future. Art does not reproduce what is visible, it makes things visible.

So if you start young, you never know, you might have a future famous artist in your family, because every child is an artist. You never know, my daughter might be. An artist.

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How to Transition to Summer Makeup


As the sun shines down for more hours each day and the temperatures provide a lovely outdoor retreat, women everywhere are looking to lighten up their makeup from the dark days of the winter.

Lighter Appeal

While deep red lipsticks and heavier blushes can serve a purpose in the winter, they don’t often find themselves garnering the same acclaim during the summer months. You certainly do not need to replace all of your makeup, but you should look for some lighter alternatives.


Nothing is wrong with cheeks that look as though they were lightly kissed pink by the sun or a lavender eyeshadow where you might have chosen a deep plum just two months ago.


The Almighty Tan

When the weather is warm, you likely want to look as though you have spent a great deal of time outdoors whether you actually did not not. Using bronzer is the safe way to get a glow as skin cancer is a very real danger.


Do not choose a bronzer that is too dark though, or you could just end up looking dirty. Fake tanners are possibilities, but you should always choose ones that are specifically made for your face and that provide a natural appeal.

Waterproof All The Way

You might choose to use certain waterproof products all year long, but doing so is particularly important in the summer when sweat often gets in the way of beauty.


Choosing waterproof mascara and eyeliner, as well as investing in a good makeup remover, is a smart decision for the warmer months. If you are sweating, you don’t want your makeup to run off. Not only is it a beauty faux pas, but all of the makeup seeping into your eyes can make them start to burn. (see Shakura Malaysia online)

Beaches and The Pool

Some will say that you really don’t need to wear any makeup to either of these places, but you might feel uncomfortable without a touch. Always opt for waterproof, and go extremely light with the products.

You should bring some staples with you, as long as they won’t melt, since you will need to touch up your face after getting out of the pool or the ocean.You don’t want to throw your entire makeup routine away completely during the summer, but these tips can help you to look more appropriate for the season. Find Shakura beauty centres in KL in order to learn about the latest beauty treatments and regimens.

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Guide to Finding Serviced Apartments in Singapore For for Expats

Expat Living in Singapore


Singapore is the home to millions of expats from countries around the world. Many of these residents come to Singapore on company business and others move to Singapore because they love the lifestyle the diverse island offers. Many of Singapore’s expats are from Asian countries others are from the United States, Canada and European countries. Singapore is an island of diverse religious cultures and includes Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus. A few of the 28 districts in Singapore at one time were mainly residential areas for expats. Popular regions included the Central Business District, the northern districts of the island, Singapore’s East Coast, and the area around Orchard Road. Today, expats are finding housing that fits their budget and lifestyle in many of the island’s other districts.



Singapore is one of the largest financial centres in the world.


Why Singapore is So Popular For Expats

Singapore is one of the largest financial centres anywhere in the world. Corporate executives and businessmen regularly visit the city on business, and some stay for a longer duration. Other travellers come to Singapore frequently for leisure trips. A lot of travellers who come to Singapore prefer accommodations that offer more space and amenities than the typical hotel experience, which is the reason that so many visitors book accommodations at serviced apartments. Singapore has an abundance of serviced apartments for rent and sale.



Serviced apartments provide amenities which is convenient  and useful while you can save money.


Why Serviced Apartments Are a Good Option

Serviced apartments in Singapore are becoming more popular for business and leisure travellers. Although hotels can be an option when you’re staying a few days, but they don’t allow for the privacy you can have with a serviced apartment. The expense of a hotel can be more than you want to spend, especially if you’re travelling with your family and require more space. Another advantage to serviced apartments is that you have the same amenities that you’d get with a hotel and you can save money. Serviced apartments offer:

• Beautifully appointed kitchens
• Homey atmosphere
• One to four bedrooms
• Lounge for entertaining or relaxing



Central Business District is one of the prime location for service apartments rental.


Serviced Apartment Rentals

Orchard Road and the Central Business District are prime locations for serviced apartment rentals. Depending on the location, apartment size, and amenities, you can find apartyment rentals at reasonable prices, but for the most luxurious amenities and large apartments, expect to pay more. Luxury apartments that can sleep up to six guests are available in the Orchard Road area. In some apartment developments, the minimum stay is seven days. Amenities may include:

•Maid service
•Swimming pool
•Tennis court

One of the great things about serviced apartments is that they’re already furnished. However, if you plan to stay in Singapore for a longer duration, you may furnish the apartment yourself. Budget apartments are available, or you can experience the ultimate in luxury with a penthouse-style, serviced apartment.



Service apartment provide 24 hour security.



Luxury swimming pool in service apartments.


Serviced Apartments For Sale

If you’ll be in Singapore for an extended period of a year or more, one of your best options is to buy a serviced apartment. In Singapore, most apartment developments share facilities including a swimming pool, a gym, and a barbecue area. Most apartment development provide 24 hour security. If you choose to live further out from the downtown area, public transportation offers service to all the districts on the island. New apartments in high-rise developments, especially in the Marina Bay area, offer panoramic views of the waterfront and luxury amenities.

With 28 distinct districts in Singapore, you’re sure to find a serviced apartment in a locale that appeals to your lifestyle and fits your budget. Apartments are within proximity to shopping, dining and entertainment, attractions, and schools, and public transportation is always nearby.

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4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Cycling



One of man’s greatest inventions that has stood the test of time is indeed the bicycle. It offers an incredible amount of benefits from being a speedy way to get around town, gives off no pollution, and provides its rider valuable exercise and fresh air. The act of riding can even help relax us. So whether you ride to race BMX bikes, for your health, or to get enjoyment, here are four tips you can use to get the most from your bike.






1) Give your heart a good workout. Cycling is considered one of the best workouts for heart health. It has been shown that if you bike regularly for about half an hour each day, you can decrease your chance of getting heart disease by as much as 50 percent. Although, you need to give your workouts a little bit extra to achieve those results. If you’re new to cycling, you can definitely start slow to get your endurance built up. Once you feel confident and have more strength, add a few smaller hills to the routine. You don’t have to go over the top with it, but slowly add time and distance, making sure to break into a decent sweat each time. It will for sure do great things for your heart and even your lungs. Please be sure to check with your health professional before beginning any routine.



Make sure that your handlebars and seat is adjusted by a professional to suit your body while cycling.   


2) Make sure to have your handlebars and seat adjusted by a professional. In order to get the most from your bike, the idea is get the most out of it with as little impact to the body as possible. But just like with any exercise or sport, we can cause long-term issues if we are stuck in the same position each day. Take your bike to the nearest shop to see about your handle bars and seat. They can professionally adjust them that suits your body and height. This will give your back, shoulders, and neck better support. Also, if you stretch before and after riding, it will help make sure you stay comfortable when riding. Take breaks if riding for a long time.



Cycling with friends is much more fun!


3) Go riding with a friend. Just with any new routine or sport, learning to do it on a regular basis can be tough, especially at the start. It takes awhile for new habits to form and become a regular part of your everyday. So how do you start and keep a new activity? Finding a friend to ride with might just do the trick. Sharing a regular activity with someone you enjoy company with makes it that much easier to get up and do it every single day until it becomes a staple in your life. With any new venture, having that riding buddy can be beneficial to help reach goals together and keep each other accountable on those rough days that will inevitably pop up. If you do not have a friend to ride with, there may be cycling groups in your area you can join.


Bike Maintenance Tips


4) Be sure to take care of your bike. If you’re looking for a wonderful way to invest in cycling, then learning how to fix, maintain, and clean your bike on a regular basis. Doing so will help you learn just how your bike works and give you a greater sense of pride about your new venture. The more you learn and become interested in bikes, the work will come easy to you. A good way to start is by finding a decent repair book or by watching videos online.

Keeping your bike clean is a great start for learning the fundamentals of bike maintenance. Start with a few of the smaller details, like replacing a chain or tire and go from there. All you will need are a few basic tools, such as Allen keys, hand pumps, pliers, screw drivers, and tire levers. Making sure you get quality repairs done to your bike will make sure it lasts a long time. Finally, be sure to store it when you’re not using it.



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Vinod Sekhar – Rebuilding after Asian Financial Crisis

Life is full of its ups and downs. Just like the rest of us, Vinod Sekhar too had to go through unfortunate circumstances and hardships that life threw at him. So, where did it go wrong for him?

It was 1997, and Vinod had already started the Petra Group with his partner, Tunku Imran. As he reflected, part of the problem was being what he calls, the God complex. It was a time when, in his words, “everyone was telling me I was the best thing since sliced bread … and that everything I touched turned to gold”.

It is important to remember that he was just a young man at the time when recognition kept pouring in. It was definitely an overwhelming experience — being praised and being put on a pedestal like that at such a young age was just too much.

Vinod admits that the lack of experience caused him to start believing the hype. And because of that, he started doing things that “common sense says you don’t … business experience says you don’t”. One miscalculated business venture in particular was East Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable farm, which did not flourish due to a lack of government support.

The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis came as quite a shock that shook the core of the East Asian Boom. Vinod Sekhar had a setback during that time and was hospitalised overseas for health problems too.

“It was a situation where the ceiling had collapsed and I was not there to help salvage matters. I had not created the strong foundation and management systems to sustain business but relied on partners whom Tunku Imran and I trusted, and who had talked us into investing.”

Vinod is a man who always had control over matters. But unfortunately, during the Asian Financial Crisis, he was handicapped by his illness and his inability to be in the country took a toll on his business. Also Read: Vinod Sekhar – Most Prominent Businessman, Philanthropist Out of Malaysia.

By the time he returned to Malaysia, the bomb had already been dropped and it was just a matter of waiting to face the aftermath of the explosion. It short, “I was looking at a disaster”.

Another cause of the problems at that time, as he identified, was that they had too many businesses which caused them to be financially spread wide and thin.

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Why Invest in Commercial Office Properties in Singapore?


For many years, investors gravitated toward purchasing residential rental property primarily in Singapore. This was because they felt more comfortable with that market over time. However, Singapore’s government has imposed several extraneous taxes and other cooling measures recently, making a once viable market now seem unattractive. However, even though cooling measures imposed by the government have diminished interest in the residential real estate market, the same restrictions and taxes have not applied to the commercial real estate market.

Commercial real estate has thankfully filled the void for sidelined investors, and ironically carries a greater probability of yielding high rental returns than property that is zoned for residential use only.

So why is it a great time to invest? Commercial rental properties return between 4 and 8 percent yields when used as either factories or retail stores. But, Singapore’s recent distinction as a global business and finance mecca has also especially allowed a boom in the purchase and rental of affordable office space.

More than ever, business owners of high net worth are investing in commercial property in Singapore specifically to be used for office space. Singapore has quickly become the premier Asian destination for banking, wealth management and insurance. Areas like Shenton Way and Raffles Place house major banks and financial institutions. The nation’s Central Business District also now extends to Marina Bay’s Business and Financial Centre. Due to the area’s impressive growth, the need for office property has actually tripled in the last decade.

The profit on office space rental alone has increased by as much as 5.5% in the first quarter of 2014. A typical “Grade A” office space now runs about $9.90 USD per square foot. And due to high demand, landlord/investors are able to steadily increase their asking prices. As a matter-of-fact, the last four fiscal quarters have shown tremendous growth in the sale of commercial office space, with each quarter stronger than the last.

Some formerly all-residential buildings are now being sub-divided by floors or units and portions are being sold to private buyers for commercial use, strengthening the trend. Older warehouses and factories have been converted into loft office suites and each is being sold to separate investors. It is easier than ever to find a property in Singapore to convert to commercial office use. 

However, even though commercial property investing seems to be a sure thing right now, pundits warn potential buyers not to count residential properties out. As prices start to go down, affluent businesspeople still favour Singapore as a global business capital, and will continue to purchase residential real estate in the interim for its long term investment value.

Why foreigners invest in Real Estate in Singapore

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Eliminate Excessive Sweating With These Handy Tips

For some unlucky people, the problems associated with sweating extends far beyond wet armpits or stinky feet. If fact, there’s a small percentage of the population who simply sweat too much. Besides creating socially awkward situations, this condition, otherwise known as hyperhidrosis, can sometimes be a symptom of an underlying medical condition that needs to be treated.

Thankfully, most people can get relief from their hyperactive sweat glands with these tips:



Visit your doctor


Before you take any steps to eliminate or treat your excessive sweating, be sure to talk to a doctor first. There are literally dozens of conditions that can cause you be be sopping wet all day long. Heavy sweating that is a symptom of an underlying medical condition is known as secondary generalized hyperhidrosis. Treating the condition will generally eliminate the sweating.


When it’s not a symptom of a larger problem 

Unfortunately, for about 1-3% of the population they just sweat too much. This condition is called primary focal hyperhidrosis. There is no underlying medical cause, it’s not a symptom of anything, and there’s no medical complications from the condition. However, you should still speak with your doctor as treatment options are be available. These treatment plans can help those who can’t stop sweating enjoy a normal life without embarrassment or constantly having to change clothing.


Learn the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant

 You have a lot of options for underarm sweat management. Generally, these options fall into two categories: deodorant and antiperspirant. Deodorant has ingredients that attack the bacteria that produce bad smells when you sweat. Antiperspirant, on the other hand, prevents you from sweating in the first place. For best results, buy the antiperspirant with the highest percentage of active ingredients.


Apply antiperspirant at night 

Most people slater on antiperspirant in the morning just before they had out the door or before exercising. However, the most effective time to put antiperspirant on is when you’re not going to perspire; for the large majority of the population, this is at night. Putting antiperspirant on at night allows the active ingredient to really work into your sweat glands, keeping you nice and dry the next day.


Don’t limit antiperspirant to armpits 









Many people find relief from hyperhidrosis by applying antiperspirant to locations other than their armpits. However, please consult with your doctor first as some sensitive areas aren’t ideal for antiperspirant.

If you find that you can’t stop perspiring, don’t sweat it. The first step is to seek medical attention. From there, your doctor can determine if your excessive sweating is a symptom of a larger issue, or a very treatable condition. Once you find a treatment that works for you, enjoy staying dry all day long.


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3 Tips for Succeeding on the GRE Exam

Even though the GRE is advertised as a general knowledge test, it is best to be prepared for this rigorous examination. Some students attempt to take the test without any preparation, but this often harms their overall score. Students who combine their knowledge with a detailed exam preparation strategy will do very well.

Just like other standardized tests, the GRE is about more than knowing the material. Succeeding on this test requires a familiarity that can only come from a lot of practice and hard work. Students need to be familiar with the topics tested, along with the types of questions that must be answered.

GRE Exam Sections:

1. Verbal: This section includes questions that test a student’s writing and reading comprehension.

2. Quantitative: Any mathematics question regarding algebra, data analysis and geometry may come up during this section. Students are allowed to bring a calculator.

3. Writing: Two essays must be written to complete this section, with students given 30 minutes for each answer.

Top Three GRE Study Tips:

1. Create a Strategy for the Test

GRE exam preparation is all about knowing exactly what you are going to do when you sit down to take the test. When completing multiple choice questions, students should practice methods of eliminating possible answers. This helps arrow down the answer for a question that you are unsure about.

In the mathematics section, some students prefer to plug in the answer choices to the question. This helps them decipher the answers that make no sense, which narrows down their options. If there is a question that you are struggling to answer, this strategy can help a great deal.
If you are stuck on a question in the verbal section, try to think of an answer without looking at the multiple choice options. When you come up with a logical answer in your head, match it with the possible choices. If one of the choices is similar to the answer in your mind, select that option.

For verbal questions, where answers can be less concrete, consider the opposite strategy of formulating an answer in your head and then selecting the option that’s the best match. That way you can use key word characterizations such as parts of speech and verb tenses to narrow down your choices.


2. Focus on Weak Points

The bulk of GRE preparation should be dedicated to topics and sections that you are not comfortable answering. A student who can breeze through the math section, but struggles with verbal situations, should not be spending most of their preparation time doing math problems.

By taking GRE classes in Mumbai:, students can give themselves a great chance of improving their weaknesses. Instructors in these classes go over the material slowly and thoroughly, which helps with retention and understanding.

If you only have a month to prepare for the exam, spend three weeks studying to improve your weaknesses, and the other week brushing up on your strong points.


3. Take Lots of Practice Tests

Aside from studying the material and doing individual questions, students should take as many practice tests as they can. The first few tests should be taken without a timer. This allows for a relaxed environment where you can test your ability to answer questions.

When only a few weeks are left until the exam, begin taking practice tests with a timer. This helps with thinking under pressure, time management, and overcoming any pre-test nerves. If you have taken enough practice tests under timed conditions, you will feel at ease in the exam’s environment.

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