6 Fun Christmas Decoration Ideas to Go Home for the Holidays For

With the holidays roaring upon us with a rush of jingle bells and tinsel, it is important to make sure that you are ready. One part of being ready involves getting those decorations up, and its the same story every year. You think that you’d rather not bother, and you groan through the whole process, but at the end, when the lights are up and when the house is still, you are always glad that you did. Learn more about what you can do to brighten up the rooms of your home.


Dining Room Fun

When you want to make sure that people are enjoying themselves as they eat, remember that decorations in the dining room are lovely. As a centrepiece for your dinner table, think about creating something lovely with a basket full of fruit. While you can use fresh to call back to a antique Victorian tradition, you can also look into using dried fruit to give the home a charmingly spicy-sweet aroma. Wreathe the dining chairs (get New Year discount here!) with a bit of holly or tinsel for an extra festive look, and think about changing out the regular tablecloth for something that feels properly festive to you.


Snowflakes on the Windows

One fantastic method of decoration involves you and the children. Show your kids how you can cut snowflakes out of pieces of paper by creasing the paper into triangles and then cutting notches out of the triangle. When the paper unfolds, there is a beautiful snowflake. Tape these snowflakes to the window to add a bit of winter enchantment to the living room or to the children’s bedrooms.


Paper Chains

What winter holiday would be complete without paper chains? Purchase some construction paper and show your children how to cut off strips and to make paper garlands by linking them together. You can make surprisingly long garlands in a surprisingly short amount of time when everyone is pitching in. Paper chains may be made out of simple construction paper, but you can opt for something metallic and sparkling as well.



When you want to create a special lovely glow for your holiday parties, why not set out luminarias? Luminarias are simple candle lights that are set out in the snow, guiding people to your door. To make a luminaria, simply fill the bottom of a small paper bag with about an inch of sand, and then plant a tealight candle in it. Light the candle and watch the plain paper bag turn into a beautifully fragile lantern. Luminarias are a great choice for Christmas eve or for a party around the holiday season.



When the holidays roll around, things are usually pretty chilly, and even if bare walls are lovely for a very clean aesthetic, they can feel quite chilly when there is snow on the ground. Look into purchasing tapestries or fabric wall hangings and nail them up to the wall. Not only does this give you a little bit of visual variety, you will also find that it helps warm your home up both in terms of temperature and texture.



One of the ways that we know the season is upon us is the bells. The delicate chime of bells is a lovely sound to hear, and you can incorporate it into your winter decorations as well. Hang bells from the door handles or put a little shopkeeper’s bell over your door. These tinkling sounds tell you when friends and family members are coming and going.

Holiday winter decorating takes some effort, but at the end of the day, it is always worth it!

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How to Track Employee Attendance

If you work in human resources or a related industry, logistical headaches and somewhat unfair burdens are far from alien to you. Not only do you have to contend with that misplaced fear and even malign which the staff feels toward your position, but you have the incredible logistical headache of dealing with employee attendance tracking.

The importance of attendance tracking of course goes without saying. Nonetheless, just imagine a world where all the staff’s presence for work days, meetings and training was simply taken at their word. Imagine the small but problematic handful of lazier people every company has, able to get away with not showing up half the time, and never staying for the full day.

This was actually how it often went before the advent of attendance tracking software. Even with the advent of time clocks, CCTV cameras and other measures, people have always found ways to trick such systems. It really is amazing how much effort the lazy are willing to put into being so.

So, what is it that employee attendance tracking software has going for it which makes these problems as nonexistent as is possible in an imperfect world? There are a number of factors that contribute to this. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

One of the biggest advantages to systems like this, in truth, is their very nature as digital information. Unlike mechanical systems (time clocks etc.), there’s really not much room for vague errors and other ways to trick them. But, that’s just most basic advantage that all digital systems have.

The way these achieve secure attendance tracking is pretty straight forward, in actuality. These systems wrap around a database, which contains times signed in and out, as well as calendar-based information for sick days, planned vacations and so on. Automatic calculations can then run through these to track when hours are short or too long, when employees are late and the like. This makes payroll a more streamlined process, and it makes it much easier to spot the “weakest links” who just aren’t pulling their weight as well.

As far as security in the sense of making employees honest, these systems can also tie in with all other electronics in the workplace, to be sure that employees are automatically signed in whenever they touch something. It can be their work station, magnetic card sliders at gates, logging onto the wifi via their mobile, tablet or laptop and anything else imaginable.

This successfully thwarts instances where employees have, in the past, gotten away with claiming to have been there all day, but did not have a chance to sign in/out and the like. It also can guarantee protection of employees in a similar manner, making sure that such an incident can’t actually happen to an honest employee as well.
There are, of course, caveats with this kind of system, as nothing can ever truly be perfect. Databases can be subject to failures and errors, for one thing. For another, if the network goes down, or the computers do, it’s right back to using emergency sign in/out procedures with all their potential inaccuracies until the systems are fixed.

Also, the implementation of some of these systems makes work for the IT department, as does maintenance.

Nonetheless, if those minor disadvantages are far outweighed by the advantages, there are many types of attendance tracking system to choose from. In closing, let’s look at just a couple examples of the more popular ones.

The most popular one currently is HRdirect’s TrackSmart. It’s a web-based system meaning little to no installation and guaranteed compatibility with all devices used by your staff. Not only is it capable of splendidly accurate tracking of hours worked, but it manages vacation time and other artifacts with such natural finesse that you don’t even have to second guess a single statistic.

There’s also the fact that it provides a free trial whence it can truly show what it’s made of.

Another popular choice is Replicon TimeAttend, which is also web-based (guaranteeing the same cross platform stability and reliability). On top of that, it comes with training in the form of fleshed out documentation, webinars, live online lectures and in person hands-on training.

With one of these systems, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the worst logistical nightmare of your HR profession has been tamed at long last. Not only that, but you can master these systems without issue thanks to great training programs provided with most tracking suites.

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How to Transform Apple Juice into Sparkling Apple Mint Sorbet

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and they’re right. Apples are chock full of health benefits that can keep you healthy and regular. From the bright red, yellow, or green peels down to the core, the goodness of apples is legendary. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s possible to miss out on their excellent benefits because we are, well, tired of them. It’s sad but true. Thankfully, apples can be enjoyed in a variety of delicious ways, including flaky apple pies, sparkling apple cider, caramel apples, cinnamony apple crisp, or convenient apple juice. If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of apples but just don’t want to eat another apple slice, here is a delicious, refreshing, easy alternative. We think it would be equally delicious and appropriate at a formal wedding reception, a casual party, or even for an after-school snack, and we hope you’ll love it, too.

Sparkling Apple Mint Sorbet
First, combine 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of water in a saucepan. Bring it to a boil, then remove it from the heat and add four drops of peppermint extract. Stir in 1 1/2 cups of fresh apple juice until it’s well blended. Transfer the mixture to an ice cream freezer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When it’s finished, move it to the freezer and allow it to ripen for at least two hours. If you want, serve it with a sprig of mint for a garnish, and enjoy!

If You Don’t Have an Ice Cream Freezer
It’s perfectly fine if you don’t own an ice cream freezer. The great thing about an ice cream freezer is that it keeps the ice crystals moving so the recipe turns out smooth instead of chunky. You can achieve the same effect by freezing the sorbet in a shallow baking dish and mixing it well every few minutes as it freezes. You can use a hand-held mixer or just a spatula and a little muscle to keep those ice crystals broken up. Be warned: as it freezes, it will take more work to keep stirring it. Eventually, voila! Sorbet has arrived!

If you prefer, you can use fresh cider in place of the juice. The two are practically the same, except that cider undergoes less processing than juice. You can also substitute vanilla flavoring for the mint extract. A little imagination is all it takes to transform the health benefits of apples into a treat perfect for any occasion. Enjoy your day’s helping of apples, and give the doctor a rest!

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Decorating Your Home has Never Been Easier – And Quicker!

Finding a new Layout

When it comes to finding a new interior design for your home, it can sometimes be difficult. However, by following some of these tips, you can quickly come up with a new layout that can accentuate the beauty and elegance of your home. One of the first things that you can do is get to know the layout of your home, such as the space available that you can use to furnish. Once you do this, you can calculate the number of furniture alternatives along with their sizes and designs.


Decorating With Different Styles

Deciding which types of furniture collections are right for your home can also be a difficult task to accomplish. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of home decorating styles, such as traditional, contemporary or modern. Each of these styles can be mixed together, or you can have one type of decorative style that can adorn your home to perfection. If you do decide to outfit your home with a mix of styles, make sure that you complement each furniture collection accordingly.


Complements for Your Furniture

Complementing your furniture collections can be easy. You can choose from an array of furniture alternatives for each room of the house, such as the living room or dining room. When you are decorating your living room, you can browse for collections of wooden coffee tables. These types of tables can give your home a traditional or contemporary ambiance. This will also depend on the design of your furniture selections. In order to complement your coffee tables, you can invest in end tables or side tables. You can finish the set with an elegant couch.


Finding the Right Price

Although it can seem hard to find a price that can fit your budget, you can do this by doing a few things. The first thing that you can do is to shop around. Make sure that you browse through many stores until you find the right price and the right furniture alternative. You can also save some money by searching for promotional codes and coupons on the Internet. In the end, you are sure to find the perfect furniture collections at affordable prices.

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5 Rental Car Tips for Visitors to Singapore

For some people, renting a car is a necessity. For others, it’s a fun addition to a vacation or special occasion. Whatever your reason for renting a car, if you’re going to do it, you may as well save as much money as you can on it. Here are some tips on how to do just that for car rentals in Singapore.

How Low Can You Go?

Even if you’ve already made a rental car reservation, it’s strongly recommended to keep checking in for special deals and coupons that can further drive down the cost. If you find something better, cancel your reservation. Most auto rental agencies will allow you to do this even if you’re due to pick up your car that day. You may also wish to consider visiting websites that automatically narrow down the best rental rates for you, which can save you a lot of time.


Take Advantage of Discount Codes

If you have any discount codes available to you, use them. These may come from the rental agency itself, your credit card company, AAA or a frequent flyer program. You can also search online for discount codes that other people have had success with. You don’t risk anything by giving it a shot, but you do stand to gain a lot of savings.


Steer Clear of Airport Rentals

Food and drinks cost an arm and a leg when you buy them at the airport, so why should car rentals be any different? If at all possible, try to avoid renting a car from one of the kiosks at the airport. Their concession fees can make up as much as ten percent of the total cost of your rental. You’re likely to spend less money by taking a cab to a rental agency that isn’t on airport property.


Timing is Everything

Most agencies offer lower rates when you rent for a week. It’s a lot like buying in bulk. When you reserve a car for more days, you save on the price per day. This can be especially helpful where you’re likely to be vacationing for more than just a few days, such as Singapore. A budget car rental company in Singapore will cost you significantly less if you take advantage of the company’s weekly rates, and you’ll probably want a car for at least that long, anyway.


Insure With Care

The company you rent from will likely try to sell you all kinds of insurance, but stop and consider whether it’s really necessary, or just a waste of money. If you have your own insurance, you may not need theirs. Furthermore, it’s possible that your credit card carrier may already provide rental car insurance.

Renting a car might seem straightforward, but there are all sorts of things to consider if you want the best deal. Try some of these tips with you next rental and see how much you can save.



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Before Buying Malaysian Property, Check On These Possible Problems First

Malaysia, along with a number of other Asian countries, is becoming the focus of the shifting world economy. This means that international businesses are setting up shop there, and that those businessmen are looking for places to live. While this means an advantage for local real estate it also means that the property needs to stand out some way in order to get those businessmen interested in it. In order to get the most bang for the buck, there are some items worth considering when looking at a house that are pretty much universal regardless if you are buying a townhouse like this or bungalows.

A buyer should thoroughly inspect a property. There should be no cracks in the wall, floors, or ceilings; Although a fixer-upper makes for a great investment, it will take time and money to get it to where it should be. Although this translates to potential saving on the outset as well an opportunity to make a tremendous once the improvements have been made, it does mean living in a place that requires a lot of work from the beginning. The same applies to any other structural damage as well, such as windows, fences, and even the doors. The entire house should check out structurally, unless the buyer does not mind investing in fixing it up.

This applies to property lines as well. Some properties may be the subject of long-lasting feuds over just where the property lines. The last thing that a businessman wants to do is walk into some sort of property dispute, especially when he has any number of other issues to deal with. In other areas neighboring properties may require some negotiating in order to establish easements into and out of the property. Although the buildings on a property may look good, lack of access may be a problem, especially as it can cause its own problems. If there are issues with property it may create some problems that just may not worth even a serious discount on the price of the property.

When looking for a place it helps to do the research and know how much the other homes in the area are worth. Buying a home takes a little a homework, but it is worth it when you walk into a house and make it a home. However, without that homework it is possible to pay too much. The house you buy can become a home, but you need to find a place you love. Do that and the rest seems to fall into place.

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Top 3 Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair

Vacuuming can be a tedious chore and depending on the size of your home, it can also be time consuming. Having pets can make this chore even more frustrating because not all vacuum cleaners are created equal when it comes to picking up pet hair. There always seems to be some pet hair that the vacuum cleaner leaves behind. Fortunately, robot vacuum cleaners have come to save the day. They have been proven to be extremely useful for normal day to day use, and there are also some that have been specially designed to clean remarkably well in homes with pets. 
These are the top three best robot vacuum cleaners for pet hair.


Neato VX-21

This robot vacuum cleans like a stealthy ninja. It is small enough to clean under furniture and other hard to reach areas while remaining almost completely unnoticed. Owners will appreciate the high level of cleanliness that it provides and pets will appreciate the extreme quiet of the vacuum as it tidies up their living space.
The Neato VX-21 is versatile enough to work on hardwood floors, tile, and stone surfaces, just to name a few. One of the best things about this vacuum is that it can be scheduled to clean when no one is home. The functionality of this vacuum, along with the convenience that it provides with its automatic programming feature, makes it an all-around great resource for any home with pets.
Price Point: approx.$360

Neato XV21 by Autovacstore

Neato XV21 at Autovacstore.com




iRobot Roomba 760

Like the Neato VX-21, the iRobot Roomba 760 can be set to begin cleaning automatically. The programming function allows for the vacuum to be set to clean seven days a week. This comes in especially handy for anyone who travels a lot or for anyone who tends to be forgetful. Just set it and forget it, it’s done. 
While it cleans it also maintains a freshness of the area because of the inclusion of a dual HEPA filtration system. The vacuum cleans up the pet hair and simultaneously releases a crisp, new, clean aroma. In addition, it has a soft bumper that is meant to provide increased protection for walls and furniture. This robot vacuum has a package of resources that is hard to top.
Price Point: approx. $430


iRobot Roomba 880

In the quest for the most effective robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair, the iRobot Roomba 880 must be mentioned. It can travel and clean on all floor types, but that is only the beginning of its functionality. It can be programmed to clean up to three consecutive rooms and is specially designed to provide powerful suction, increased acceleration, and nearly maintenance free usability. 
The Aeroforce Cleaning System removes dirt and pet hair like a dream while also extracting pollen, dust, and other allergens from the cleaning area. Breathable air for owners, clean spaces for pets. This robot vacuum is a great addition to a stellar list.
Price Point: approx. $699

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Register a .SG Domain Name: Guide for Foreigners

The .SG domain name is a powerful way of marketing a business in Singapore. By registering a domain name in .SG, a company can market its products and services locally in the Singapore market.

The .SG domain is regulated by the Singapore Network Information Center Pte Ltd (SGNIC). SGNIC is committed to ensuring the security and stability of Internet Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure in Singapore. It is also responsible for the integrity and growth of .SG domain names. There are currently more than 65000 registered .SG domain names.

According to SGNIC, tbe .SG domain is available to anyone with a valid Singaporean postal address. Foreigners are also allowed to apply for .SG domain. However, they are required to appoint a local agent with a valid Singapore-based postal address as the Administrative Contact for the respective domain name.


Singapore Network Information Center SGNIC

Singapore Network Information Center SGNIC



How to Register.SG Domain Name?

Anyone looking to buy a .sg domain name isn’t required to directly contact SGNIC. While SGNIC is available to settle any disputes that may eventually arise for any domain name, it doesn’t directly entertain domain name registration requests. All applications for .sg domain name must be forwarded to a list of resellers that are appointed by SGNIC.

To get information about the appointed registrars for the .SG domain name, you should consider visiting SGNIC website. You should purchase the domain name from a registrar that is recommended by SGNIC to safeguard your rights and interests.

The fee and services of every registrar varies. As such, SGNIC recommends .SG domain applicants to compare different registrars and select a service provider that best meets the needs of the applicant.

After selecting a registrar, it is also important to check whether the domain name you’re considering is available or not. To do this, visit the website of the registrar. Look for “Check Domain Availability” or anything similar. In the search field, enter the domain name you’re looking to purchase. If the domain name is available, you can proceed with the payment after providing necessary information required to complete the registration.

Many domain registrars will also provide you with the local presence needed to be appointed as the Administrative Contact for the domain. Payment options vary, but generally include payment through credit card as well as PayPal.



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Book Review: The Hunger Games Series

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is an engaging and well written fantasy novel. It could be compared to both I’m a Celebrity and Big Brother in terms of exact genre, but futuristic fantasy is its focus. It is a book written primarily for young adults, but many adults have enjoyed it as well.

The book is set in the future and follows an intelligent and resourceful young girl named Katniss Everdeen. During this time in the future, there is no longer a North America, and instead, the setting is called Panem. Within Panem, there are 12 different districts. There used to be 13, but the rulers of Panem destroyed the 13th district. The Hunger Games are a set of annual games that are held each year between one boy and one girl from each of the 12 districts. The 24 girls and boys must fight to the death. The last boy or girl remaining wins a number of prizes for their district. The games are streamed live for all of Panem to see. Of course, Katniss ends up competing in the games, and we follow her journey there.




This book is one of the better reads of teenage fiction today, and it is unique because it focuses on real threats in the world as we know it today. It is a serious look at reality television and explores several other interesting angles of society and the government too.



Several people have criticized this book for being so alike other fantasy novels that also deal with an ever-present eye of the government watching its people too closely. These books include The Condemned and Running Man. But because the main characters are teenagers, this shifts things a bit. In addition to the main plot line of young people fighting for their lives to please the government, there are also some romantic elements to the story. Taking a page out of Twilight, Suzanne Collins puts Katniss in front of two eligible suitors, and readers just have to anxiously await which one she will choose in the end.

The Hunger Games is one of three books in a series, so you can check out the other two if you like the Hunger Games. There are also movies made from the books. If you liked novels like Enders Game or the story of Romeo and Juliet but you don’t know if fantasy books are for you, this could be a great segue into the literary genre. Check out lastest fantasy books here: http://www.noqstore.asia/ScienceFiction_Fantasy.aspx








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Easy Treatment for Your Most Common Beauty Concerns

Improving your looks is a matter of taking some time to dedicate to a few simple lifestyle changes that will have big results. When discussing appearance, women typically have the same complaints, bags under their eyes, an uneven complexion and a less than bright smile. Fortunately, there is plenty that you can do to treat these beauty busters, and see real results fast.

The most effective puffy eye treatment is getting to the root of what is causing your puffy eyes and eliminating it. Allergies, alcohol and sodium can all cause bags under your eyes. You may also develop puffy eyes as a result of sleeping on your stomach, so fluid accumulates around the thin eye area overnight.

Treat existing puffiness by applying a cold, damp washcloth to the eyes for a few minutes before applying your makeup. Eye creams containing vitamin E or aloe can also reduce puffiness. Finally, consider sleeping in an eye mask, the gentle pressure it applies helps prevent the buildup of fluid around the eyes.



An uneven complexion is the result of slower cell turnover, which is a normal side effect of aging, combined with years of sun exposure. Frequent exfoliation will provide noticeable results quickly. You can use manual exfoliation, such as a facial brush, or chemical exfoliation, using a product containing retinol. Dark spots are the result of sun exposure, and can be lightened with products made specifically for this purpose. Results vary, but if you don’t see noticeable results after several months of regular use, you may want to visit a dermatologist for prescription strength options.

A less than gleaming white smile can give away your age. Cigarettes, coffee, tea, soda and red wine all discolor your teeth. Fortunately, whitening options have never been more available. Your dentist probably has a range of products to use, and if not, he can refer you to a cosmetic dentist who does. You can also take matters into your own hands with over the counter whitening strips, gels, toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Freshening up your look has never been easier or more affordable. With the many options available, ranging from lifestyle changes to help from healthcare professionals, there is no reason you shouldn’t feel confident every time you walk out the door.



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