Recommended International Schools in Malaysia

Finding the right school for a student who is studying abroad is important. A choice of a private school in Malaysia is one option for the international student. Another choice is an English school that has been structured for the student who is studying abroad. (See 

The international student may be interested in a type of boarding school setting. This choice may include a classic British boarding school model. Many schools around the world are modeled after this type of school setting. A standard modern boarding school is fee-charging and has several separate residential houses. These residential houses are on the school campus or in a close surrounding area. Students may need permission to travel outside a defined school area. The students may be allowed to travel off-campus at various times.

The types of schools available may include the ones that are full time for the enrollees. This style of arrangement allows the student to stay at the school full time. There are other arrangements for the students who stay on the weekdays. These weekday students return to their homes for the weekend. There are additional arrangements that include a student choosing when to board. This choice to board may occur during an examination week.

Teaching staff may include a senior teaching staff that are appointed as house masters or house mistresses. Dorm parents may be placed in the dormitories in order to assist the students with matters that may arise. Residential advisors may be appointed for each residence hall. These staff members take a semi-parental role for perhaps a set number of students in their residence area. These monitors may be available after school hours as well. Each staff member may assist in the domestic management of the house. The dormitories may have staff members that are more of a house tutor or a house matron. In some academic settings, the residence halls may have a resident family who lives at the facility during the school year.

The boarding schools have their own cafeterias and other catering services. All meals for boarders are provided. Lunch is provided for day students. The menus are varied and include Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Western dishes for the students and staff. The students may dine in various dining halls. Certain times are permitted for off-campus dining. These off-campus visits are monitored and screened.

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