Register a .SG Domain Name: Guide for Foreigners

The .SG domain name is a powerful way of marketing a business in Singapore. By registering a domain name in .SG, a company can market its products and services locally in the Singapore market.

The .SG domain is regulated by the Singapore Network Information Center Pte Ltd (SGNIC). SGNIC is committed to ensuring the security and stability of Internet Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure in Singapore. It is also responsible for the integrity and growth of .SG domain names. There are currently more than 65000 registered .SG domain names.

According to SGNIC, tbe .SG domain is available to anyone with a valid Singaporean postal address. Foreigners are also allowed to apply for .SG domain. However, they are required to appoint a local agent with a valid Singapore-based postal address as the Administrative Contact for the respective domain name.


Singapore Network Information Center SGNIC

Singapore Network Information Center SGNIC



How to Register.SG Domain Name?

Anyone looking to buy a .sg domain name isn’t required to directly contact SGNIC. While SGNIC is available to settle any disputes that may eventually arise for any domain name, it doesn’t directly entertain domain name registration requests. All applications for .sg domain name must be forwarded to a list of resellers that are appointed by SGNIC.

To get information about the appointed registrars for the .SG domain name, you should consider visiting SGNIC website. You should purchase the domain name from a registrar that is recommended by SGNIC to safeguard your rights and interests.

The fee and services of every registrar varies. As such, SGNIC recommends .SG domain applicants to compare different registrars and select a service provider that best meets the needs of the applicant.

After selecting a registrar, it is also important to check whether the domain name you’re considering is available or not. To do this, visit the website of the registrar. Look for “Check Domain Availability” or anything similar. In the search field, enter the domain name you’re looking to purchase. If the domain name is available, you can proceed with the payment after providing necessary information required to complete the registration.

Many domain registrars will also provide you with the local presence needed to be appointed as the Administrative Contact for the domain. Payment options vary, but generally include payment through credit card as well as PayPal.