Shakura Malaysia – Finding the Right Foundation for Your Skin

Finding the right foundation for your skin is like opening a box of chocolates – you aren’t really sure what it is going to be until you try it! If you covet a natural and polished foundation look, you are not alone. The fact is that with a few careful considerations, you will be on your way to flawless foundation.





Skin Type 101

Start with your skin type. Are you dry or oily or a little of both (dry on the cheeks and oily in the T-zone)? If you have dry skin, you are probably better off sticking with a liquid foundation. Some brands offer a hydrating powder foundation, but you can’t go wrong with liquid. Oily skin in the other hand, required oil-free or water based foundation or a powder foundation – otherwise you will look like you dipped your face in oil and need to blot for the rest of the day.




It’s all about the Finish!

Do you want your finished product (your face) to have a semi-matte, matte or light reflecting appearance? If you are very oily, a matte finish is the most oil absorbing. A semi-matte finish will give you a natural look and if you are slightly oily your foundation will look dewy. Light-reflecting or illumining is perfect if your skin is mature, pale or dull and the reason is because the foundation has tiny crushed micro-pearls to reflect light.



Choosing the Right Shade or Color

The best way to choose the right shade or color foundation for you is to go to a professional and let them color fit you; however, if that is not an option, there are some tricks to finding the right match for you.

Do you have cool or warm undertones? Look at the inside of your wrist. Do the veins appear to be blue? When you are in the sun do you burn? It is likely that you have cool undertones and should look for a foundation that has a rosy or blue base. If the veins inside your wrist appear to have a greenish tint and you tan fairly easy, then you most likely have warm undertones and should look for a foundation that has a yellow base.

If your veins look blue and green then you may be a neutral, which means that you can wear either cool or warm foundation (depending on the shade).

To test the shade, take a Q-tip and draw a line along the center of the jaw line. If the foundation blends with your natural complexion, then you know you have found the right foundation for your skin! Follow Beauty Shakura For More Great Tips!