Simple Guide To Arranging Dining Room Furniture

When rearranging dining room furniture to create more space in a home or purchasing new furniture, it’s important to plan out an ideal furniture arrangement. An ideal arrangement is key to creating a dining room that’s inviting to guests and cozy and spacious enough for everyday living. Dining rooms should be open yet inviting and also comfortable. All of these features can be portrayed through the type of furniture that makes up a dining room as well as how it is arranged.





Planning a Dining Room Arrangement

The first step to arranging a dining room is to plan out the arrangement beforehand. This is a vital step. By having an idea of where everything should be placed, the actual process of moving the furniture becomes much easier. By taking the time to measure the room and the furniture that will be placed within the space, it’s also possible to figure out how much room total there is. This makes moving new dining furniture simple.

After measuring everything, place the measurements on a square of grid paper and compare this drawing with the dining room itself. Make sure to leave space for where any windows, doors and lighting fixtures are. It’s a good idea to plan around the size of a dining room table since that will be the centerpiece of the room. Also make sure to take into account any large china cabinets or other pieces of furniture that may take up a large chunk of space. Visualize the distance between the kitchen and dining room and make sure the pathway isn’t cluttered.





Placing Furniture

After thoroughly planning the layout for the dining room, it’s time to begin moving furniture and seeing how everything fits. Begin with the largest pieces of furniture first and then move in the dining room table before doing anything else. Walk around the table to get a good sense of how much room guests will have after adding in chairs. Ethnicraft’s dining tables often come with multiple leaves that can be added when guests arrive, so make sure there is room for any optional leaves. Extra chairs can be placed against the wall.


Expandable Dining Table



Make sure to place a light fixture directly above the dining room table. It’s easier to move a light fixture than a table. Proper lighting is essential to any cozy dining room setting. Use soft light bulbs or bulbs that are low wattage for above the table. Invest in a hanging light fixture if possible. A ceiling fan is optional, but can be especially welcome during the warm summer months.


Dining room lighting


Try and not overcrowd the dining room area if it all possible. An overcrowded dining room area can appear cluttered and uninviting to guests. Keep everything neat and tidy but don’t forget to add a little personality or character that suits the rest of the home’s furnishings.


dining room


A home should be unique to each individual family. By taking the time to plan out the perfect dinging room setting, guests will feel right at home in the dining room.


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