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Consumers must face the truth. Sports sponsorship is everywhere. It is difficult to pick up a magazine and not see a sports figure marketing a watch or a pair of shoes. This is the world that consumers live it. The sports marketing agencies have picked up on the athletes that can move products and make money. The union between these athletes and the companies that sell products is an amazing display of branding in the marketing world.

The sports marketing firms are responsible for bringing athletes and products together all over the world. It is not just for a market in the United States. It is not made to appeal only to citizens in the United Kingdom or Asia. To the contrary, this marketing concept of building a brand with athletes is a worldwide phenomenon.

People see the value in this because these players are idolized. Many of these star athletes have contracts for millions in endorsement deals. Their input on the products they like is valuable. In many cases this is a genuine display of affection for a certain product. The athletes don’t have to lie about the products that they stand behind. In most cases these athletes are offered millions of dollars by a variety of different companies. In other words, the athlete has the ability to pick and choose according to what they like and what suites their image.

What the sport marketing companies do is help companies put together campaigns that feature these athletes. This is how they grab the attention of consumers. Sometimes companies may get many faces to advertise the same product. This is a stronger way to keep more focus on the brand and the company. Consumers will not directly associate the brand with one particular athlete if the company uses multiple celebrities to get the job done. At the other end of the spectrum there are companies that rely heavy on a single athlete to push a product forward. This can be dangerous at times because the promotion stalls if the athletes get into trouble with the law.

 Luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer is ending its contract with Tiger Wood due to his scandal, thought to be worth £6million.

It is the job of sports marketing companies to do damage control in situations like this. The consultants for these agencies have the ability to make changes to campaigns and seek other athlete endorsements if their current promotional efforts fail. This is all part of the ups and downs of endorsements through sports.

Case Study: Sports Marketing and the Olympic Games

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