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Marine Growth Prevention Systems and Why Your Ship Should Get One

If you own a private yacht, or a fishing trawler, or any sort of water craft, you ought to be well aware of one of the most prevalent hazards that can befall a seagoing vessel: Biofouling. Biofouling, as its name suggests, is the corrosion and decay that can befall the internal workings of a boat or ship from the unchecked accumulation of such marine organisms as mollusks, sponges, algae and sea slime.


What Is A Marine Growth Prevention System?

The purpose of a Marine Growth Prevention System is to prevent biofouling from overtaking and completely ruining the piping system of your vessel. It is used primarily in seawater cooling systems, but has applications all throughout the workings of a boat or ship. It is also frequently used in such stationary systems as oil platforms and power stations that are located directly on the water.


Marine Growth




Why Is Biofouling Such A Dangerous Issue?

Piping systems that are of critical importance to the well being of a vessel can be overgrown and completely destroyed by the gradual, unchecked encrustation of marine organisms. They can cause a complete power failure, or wreck the internal piping system of a ship.

Biofouling is such a dangerous issue primarily because the corrosion is caused by live organisms, rather than simple rust or decay due to aging. Because the accumulation of these organisms is guaranteed to proceed apace with no limit besides the one that humans set for them, it is particularly important to be aware of the danger they can cause.





How Does A Marine Growth Prevention System Operate?

A Marine Growth Prevention System will normally be made of copper and aluminum anodes. These anodes will be placed as close as possible to the point where seawater intake occurs. These anodes will be connected to a master control panel. This panel will control the amount of current which is passed to each anode.





Switching on the control panel will produce a steady current of ions, which are then carried through the system by incoming seawater. This stream of ions will carry all through the piping of the vessel and slowly but surely result in an environment which is hostile to the sea creatures which are colonizing there.

The end result is that any organisms that enter into the piping will not wish to stay there. The atmosphere of ions within the piping will be so hostile that these organisms will prefer to pass straight through the piping and out the other side.



How To Tell If Your Ship Requires This System?

All motor operated vessels that spend a significant amount of time out on the water, especially in salt water, will need to be equipped with a Marine Growth Prevention System. If you have invested in a pleasure yacht or a fishing boat, you will do well to protect that investment. A Marine Growth Prevention System is an excellent way to keep your vessel in optimum condition. Persons interested in more information can learn more here.



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