Taxi Fares From Singapore Airport To Popular Areas

Since there are so many things to do in Singapore, the quickest and simplest way to get around town is by taxi. It helps to know what you should expect to pay for taxi fares before arriving in the city. Here are some of the most popular destinations in the city along with the taxi fares from the airport.


Sentosa Harbourfront

Sentosa Harbourfront is a favorite of tourists because it’s great for the whole family. Shopping areas give way to a boardwalk where you can walk alongside the water. Be prepared to pay a bit more for a taxi to the Sentosa Harbourfront, since this is one of the furthest areas from the airport. A taxi should cost you no more than $20 SGD from the airport.


Marina Bay

Marina Bay is another popular shopping area. It is also well known because of the light and water show that occurs every night. A taxi from the airport to Marina Bay will cost you around $14 SGD.


Universal Studios

Kids of all ages will love a stop at Universal Studios. Known around the world, Universal Studios provides interactive adventures surrounding some of the most popular current movies. Since Universal Studios is in the Sentosa area, it is one of the further out points from the airport. Expect to pay around $20 for a taxi to Universal Studios from the airport.


Singapore Botanical Gardens

To get a bit of greenery within the city, stop at the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Beautifully manicured plant species from around the world are present here. The Singapore Botanical Gardens are not too far from the airport, and they are roughly in the middle of the city. Therefore, a taxi to this area would only cost you around $12 SGD.


India Town or China Town

Two of the most popular stops within the center of the city are India Town and China Town. Just as these names suggest, they are areas where large numbers of ethnic groups live and color the neighborhoods. This is a chance to see some history and to eat some of the ethnically diverse cuisines that this city offers. Both of these areas are easily accessible from the airport for around $14 SGD.


Other Notes About Taxi Fares

Taking a taxi in Singapore is very convenient, and it is rare that tourists have any problems with taxi drivers in this city. However, it always pays to be vigilant and careful. Be sure that you don’t forget your bags in the trunk of the car, and get the bags out before you pay for the driver. Always take a well labeled taxi and write down the identification numbers before you get in the car. Finally, it’s easiest if you write down your addresses and show the driver to avoid any confusion. Maxi cab fares are easy to get from the airport, and you can book an airport transfer here. Other than that, Singapore taxis are relatively cheap, clean, and a great way to get around the city.


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