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THE TRUTH ABOUT PLASTICS – 3 Things Banks Won’t Tell You About Credit Card Promotions

Convenience and practicality are the main advantages of the credit card. A few years back, owning plastic was a status symbol. In this day and age, that is no longer the case. It won’t be surprising if you are one of the people who use credit cards as your primary means of payment. And perhaps you are also a seasoned shopper, regularly in search of the best credit card promotion in Malaysia.

Loyal credit card patrons deserve the finest rewards. Why not? You use your beloved credit card in just about all of your daily purchases: food, petrol, retail shopping, utilities and other extras without having to carry cash in your pockets. Credit cards are notoriously known to be the cause of debt problems. However, responsible cardholders dominate the delinquent ones. So if you are an individual of good credit standing, it is natural to expect ‘real’ perks and enjoy special privileges.

But are the banks or credit card issuers transparent with the promotions intended to gain more clients? Are devoted plastic users given the fair share? Read on to find out what’s not spoken about credit card promotions.


3 Things Banks Won’t Tell You About Credit Card Promotions



The introductory promo offered to you begins with signing up for a credit card. During the height of the credit card boom, annual fees can be waived. Not anymore. Your primary consideration is, therefore, a reasonable annual fee at the onset. As you upgrade your credit limit, some banks offer free annual fees. In other words, you have to earn it.



Cash back is not really applicable on all purchases and with outrageous limitations too. The promise is not often realized. In such case, consistency becomes your criteria. Banks that can deliver consistent, ‘real’ cash back benefits deserve your patronage.



There is no truth to zero interest. As a cardholder, do not be misled by this attractive offer. However, give credit where credit is due. Banks that offer 0% interest installment payment plans have negotiated beforehand with participating merchants to grant subsidies or extend discounts to clients.


The best credit card promotion in Malaysia is not measured by the long list of marketing promos and sales pitches. You should be able to determine which among the promos will serve your purpose. Less complicated and straightforward will ultimately win your heart over.

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