Travel Using Local Transportation in Singapore

Are you traveling to Singapore? If so, most likely you are arriving by air, or sea. The amazing city state of Singapore is blessed with an efficient transportation system (useful guide here). Arrival airport transfer in Singapore is very easy to arrange.

Singapore Maxi Cab Booking Service
For any group of travelers with more than three people, the Singapore maxi cab is the way to go. As many as seven travelers, and their accompanying baggage, can fit comfortably into any Singapore maxi cab. In addition to being the most comfortable way for a group to travel, the cost per person is significantly less than a normal taxi fare.

Once you arrive at your destination hotel, you should ask your driver for details on the various ways to use a maxi cab booking during your stay in Singapore. This type of transportation is great for families wanting to visit the many wonderful sites in Singapore. With little effort you can visit several sites in one day. The two hour booking rate is the same as your departure transit rate and can be used to visit a wide range of interesting sites. If some of your party is making a later arrival, you can arrange for a meet and greet maxi cab booking to make their arrival easy and friendly.

This large sized taxi is also available for meet and greet pickup at incoming ocean terminals in the harbor area of Singapore.

Other Singapore Airport Transit Options
There are also standard size taxis available in Singapore. You can catch one at any airport terminal taxi cue. Sharing of taxis is not encouraged and often not allowed. Only three passengers will be allowed to use a standard size taxi.

Singapore has a good public bus system and most hotels have an airport transfer bus. For both of these options you will usually have a moderate to long wait to catch your transport into the city.

Singapore does have an excellent MRT, Mass Rapid Transit, system. For single travelers, or small groups with limited baggage, the MRT can be used for travel into the Singapore city center. The connection to the MRT at the Singapore Changi Airport is only possible at terminal two.

Metro/subway in Singapore, Singapore (MRT)

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