What Causes Skin Darkening?

Skin darkening is usually not a serious condition, but it does pose some aesthetic problems for people who suffer from it. Instead of the entire skin tanning from the sun in the summer, skin darkening usually occurs in patches. Darker spots appear on the forehead, cheeks, upper lips, and sometimes even on the arms. In cases where skin cancer isn’t suspected, skin darkening can be caused by a number of factors. Pregnancy is one of the main causes behind skin darkening, and hormonal changes in general can often lead to spots on the skin. The body releases more melanin when the hormonal balance in the body shifts.

The official term for skin darkening is hyperpigmentation, and it affects both men and women, though women are more prone to hormonal changes due to pregnancy. Even when women receive hormone therapy for menopause, they can still break out with dark spots on their skin. Hyperthyroidism is yet another cause of spots to form on the skin. It’s difficult to hide the spots when they happen. It’s necessary to find treatment options for the affected areas of the skin. The spots can ruin a person’s confidence and self-image if they care a lot about how they look.

Laser skin whitening is an effective procedure for most people that experience skin darkening in their pigmentation. There are two types of laser treatment that can help to lighten the skin once more. The first type is a laser that peels the upper layers of the skin to make new layers grow over it. The new skin would be your natural color. Another type of laser is a light laser that helps your skin to recover more collagen and replace the dark skin rather than remove it. Both of these procedures should help someone that has dark spots on their skin (refer to Privé laser skin whitening).

There are other beauty treatments that could aid you in ridding your skin of the dark spots. Chemical peels can remove the darker layers of the skin so that lighter layers can grow in to replace it. There are also other treatments you can consider in consultation with a doctor or dermatologist. You should visit a specialist to rule out skin cancer and to discuss the best options for your specific conditions. You will be looking and feeling better in no time. Laser treatments are probably the best bets for most people as they try to get their lives back.