Article 10.


Section 1. Strike Authorization Meeting.

To conduct a strike authorization meeting of WOUFT members, the Executive Council shall publicize and notify members about the strike authorization meeting at least 48 hours before it is held. See Article XI, Section 3 for meeting quorum details.

Section 2. Strike Authorization Vote.

The membership, at the request of the Executive Council, may authorize the union to call a strike. Strike authorization shall be granted by a majority vote of those members present at a meeting called for such a purpose. The votes shall be cast by secret paper ballots deposited into a closed container. The counting of the ballots shall occur during that same meeting, and be performed by the WOUFT Secretary or (if the Secretary is unavailable) by some member of the Executive Council, in the presence of at least two other members of the WOUFT Executive Council. The results shall be immediately announced to the members, during that same meeting. In the event of a tie vote, the authorization shall fail.