Article 6.


Section 1. An elected officer may be removed from office for specific cause, which may include, but not be limited to, substantial failure to execute their duties as provided in the Constitution and Bylaws, misconduct, illegal acts or willful, significant violation of the Constitution and Bylaws. Removal shall be by the following procedures:

1.1. Removal will be effective upon approval of a Petition for Removal by the membership in a meeting scheduled for consideration of such a petition. A specific Petition for Removal shall apply only to a specific officer.

1.2. Where the Secretary is the subject of the Petition for Removal, the President shall designate another officer to conduct the responsibilities of the Secretary under this Article.

1.3. A Petition for Removal shall identify specific, detailed charges signed by at least twenty-five (25) percent of the regular members. The petition must identify the member(s) initiating the Petition for Removal who must attend the meeting when the petition is considered to present their charges. A copy of the petition shall immediately be served upon the officer. The Secretary shall verify that the signatures are of regular members in good standing at the time of their signatures.

1.4. Removal may be considered at the next regular membership meeting already scheduled within forty-five (45) days following receipt of a petition for recall. If none is scheduled within that period, the President shall schedule and announce a special meeting within forty-five (45) days after receipt of the petition for recall. The member(s) initiating the petition for recall will be responsible for presentation of the charges to the membership.

1.5. A majority vote of the members in good standing voting at such meeting will be required for removal. A quorum shall be required and shall be enforced. The Secretary will conduct the vote and certify the results. The vote shall be taken by a call of the roll. The result of the vote shall be published.

Section 2. The voters eligible to vote for removal will be restricted to those voters normally eligible to vote in an election for that position and who are in good standing at the time of the vote.

Section 3. The officer subject to removal will be provided an opportunity to be heard before any vote on removal by the membership; and shall be entitled to representation of their choice at any meeting at which the charges will be considered.