Collective Bargaining

WOUFT Article 16 Proposal

You can now read the July 14, 2021 WOUFT Article 16 Proposal.

Bargaining on the 2021-2023 Article 16 (Salary) re-opener has begun.

The WOU administration started the bargaining process by proposing that tenured and tenure-track faculty take a 3% pay cut for AY 2021-22 and a subsequent pay freeze, at the lower rate, for AY 2022-23.  WOU has indicated that the pay cut would be temporary, and that their intention is to restart the next round of negotiations from a point no less than 2020-21 levels, but this is of course nonbinding.

The pay cut would not be applicable to NTTs or to those tenure-track faculty who started at WOU in fall term 2019 or later. WOU proposes no annual step increases, but step increases for promotion are included.

WOU does not dispute that the state funding picture will not be clarified until at least late June, and is aware that the American Rescue Plan (functionally the 3rd ‘CARES’ Act) will provide WOU with a significant cash infusion, likely well over $10 million. There is much to know and learn about the financial situation still. WOU enrollment numbers are still uncertain. We have commissioned a financial analysis using the latest financial data, as a follow up to the one Howard Bunsis did.

We think WOU can do better by you, our hard-working faculty.  Your WOUFT bargaining team will develop a counterproposal in the upcoming weeks. If you have questions, ideas, or concerns please contact your bargaining team representative. Your voices are important.

Our next full bargaining session will be scheduled for late June or July.

Link to the current CBA:

2020-2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Summary Table of Changes from Previous CBA

Recent Letters of Agreement: Click on the appropriate link below to download the Donated Leave Bank LOA or the latest COVID-19 LOA.

Donated Leave Bank LOA

WOUFT has negotiated and signed an LOA with administration permitting faculty who are leaving WOU to make a one-time donation of a maximum of 520 hours to the Donated Leave Bank.
If you are a retiring faculty member who is considering making such a donation, please consult with HR to determine how it may affect your retirement distributions.


The COVID-19 LOA, extended through Fall Term 2021, secures faculty members’ rights including:

– the right to transition course modality back to in-person once the COVID-19 crisis has abated,

– flexibility for faculty supervising student teaching, internships, and practica,

– a commitment from the university to provide reasonable technical, physical and knowledge -based support,

– for tenure and/or promotion, some flexibility regarding the relative emphasis for each of teaching, scholarship and service during the COVID-19 crisis,

– postponement of approved sabbaticals, if requested by the faculty member,

– the option to suspend the use of Student Course Evaluations for evaluative purposes during the COVID-19 crisis,

– the option to request a clock stoppage for tenure-track faculty, and

– postponement of classroom observations for the fall 2020 term unless faculty request to be observed.

If you have any questions please contact Adele Schepige or Bryan Dutton.

Recent Bargaining History

In case you are wondering which of WOUFT or WOU has had your back over the years, please read on.

2017-2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement including economic reopener (superseded by Settlement above)

  1. WOUFT proposed an NTT step system back in 2013, in 2015, in 2017, and in the reopener in 2018, and administration rejected this improvement categorically until the 2018 reopener. During that reopener your union pushed for a six-tier NTT step system while Administration wanted a two-tier NTT system. WOUFT refused to settle and took the matter to mediation, where Administration finally agreed to the five-tier NTT step system you see in Article 16 of the CBA today.  

    NTT Minimum Salary Schedule

    Years Experience Bachelor’s Degree Masters’s Degree Doctoral Degree/Terminal Degree
    0-4 35,000 40,000 45,000
    5-9 37,000 42,500 48,000
    10-14 39,000 45,000 51,000
    15-19 41,000 47,500 54,000
    20+ 43,000 50,000 57,000
  2. WOUFT negotiated that individually designed courses eligible for faculty compensation now include courses for which students earn RP or W grades, ensuring that faculty labor is appropriately compensated irrespective of student performance.
  3. WOUFT negotiated a 35% increase in Faculty Development funding for the biennium, from $400,000 to $540,000.

2017-2020 CBA

Note that each of 1-5 below were summarily rejected by administration when initially proposed.

  1. WOUFT negotiated five course reassignments annually, for technologically innovative course preparation, recommended by the Faculty Development Committee and awarded by the Provost.
  2. WOUFT negotiated adjustments in office hours (now student consultation hours) in recognition of the large increase in electronic correspondence with students. Now up to four of the five required student consultation hours may be electronic in which faculty are immediately available online.
  3. WOUFT negotiated an end to the old credit banking system for individually designed courses (which was a huge improvement over the previous system in which administration did not compensate faculty for such courses at all), and replaced it with a reasonable compensation formula (Student Credit Hour total ÷ 12) ÷ (45 unit annual work load) x (averaged annual salary rate over the previous two academic years or the annual salary rate during the academic year in which 36 credits is reached).
  4. WOUFT negotiated a faculty option for tenure-clock stoppage in the event of birth or adoption. The stoppage is automatic unless the faculty member opts out.
  5. WOUFT negotiated multiple year contracts for qualifying NTT faculty (based on years of service) subject to approval by the Dean and Provost.
  6. WOU proposed a Joint Labor Management Committee and WOUFT readily agreed. It has been a big success.

2015-2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement

  1. Step 1 tenure track salary increased from $44,134 to $50,000 (Sep. 2015) then to $50,767 (Sep. 2016).
  2. NTT faculty received a 5% COLA in each of 2015 and 2016.
  3. WOUFT negotiated the Healthy Workplace appendix (at the time it was Appendix F) added. Includes language on complaints regarding bullying and abusive conduct.
  4. WOUFT negotiated a 1.0 compensation rate for all labs in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.
  5. WOUFT negotiated adjustments to the grievance steps. Step 1 grievances were moved from the Provost’s level to the Dean’s level.
  6. WOUFT negotiated the implementation of a Professional Leave program. One-year leave or less induces no break in service for tenure and promotion clock.

2013-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement

  1. WOUFT negotiated two 2% steps, two 2% COLAs and another 1% COLA for TT faculty, and a 4% COLA in year 1 and a 3% COLA in year 2.
  2. WOUFT negotiated the addition of “gender identity or expression” to the non-discrimination language.
  3. WOUFT negotiated Parallel “librarianship” language (to accompany “teaching” as a primary duty) to the Article 8 and the relevant appendices in recognition of often non-teaching duties for faculty librarians.
  4. WOUFT negotiated Faculty Development language which 1) refines and clarifies eligible types of scholarly and creative activities, and 2) permits up to 5 course releases to be “rolled over” to the next year if not used or allocated in a given year.
  5. WOUFT negotiated that NTT faculty are to be explicitly included in the lab equivalency compensation rate language in Article 7.
  6. WOUFT negotiated adjusted office hour requirements for faculty taking course reassignments.

2011-2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement

  1. WOUFT negotiated two 2% steps and two 2% COLAs for TT faculty, and a 2.67% COLA in years 1 and 2 along with 3.7% and 4.2% increases to the NTT Instructor and NTT Assistant Professor minimum salaries.
  2. WOUFT negotiated an increase of 11% in summer salary.
  3. WOUFT negotiated an increase of 33% in faculty development funding, from $300,000 to $400,000 for the biennium.
  4. WOUFT negotiated NTT Three-Year Letters of Intent for NTT faculty at WOU for 5 years or more, for the purpose of obtaining home or car loans, etc.
  5. WOUFT negotiated an increase from 20 to 30 days for the presentation of grievances.
  6. WOUFT agreed that faculty will pay 5% of health insurance costs. We, along with many other unions around Oregon, still wish we hadn’t.

2009-2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement

  1. WOUFT negotiated the Special Summer Compensation Rate.
  2. WOUFT negotiated Faculty Development rollovers.

2007-2009 Collective Bargaining Agreement

2005-2007 Collective Bargaining Agreement

2003-2005 Collective Bargaining Agreement

2019-2021 Collective Bargaining Team




Office #

Adele SchepigeB-Team Chairschepia@wou.eduRWEC 125
Bryan Lally (AFT-OR)Team Spokesperson  
Bryan DuttonWOUFT Presidentduttonb@wou.eduNS 021C
Dirk FreymuthWOUFT VP of Membership and Organizationfreymutd@wou.eduAPSC 233A
Chloë HughesWOUFT Treasurer; Education and Leadership Rephughesc@wou.eduRWEC 128
Melanie Landon-HaysWOUFT Secretary; Education and Leadership Rephaysm@wou.eduRWEC 123
Scott BeaverWOUFT Communications Directorbeavers@wou.eduMNB 120
Ken KirbyNon Tenure-Track Repkirbyk@wou.eduBELL 303
Chehalis StrappBehavioral Sciencesstrappc@wou.eduTODD 309
Bojan IlievskiBusiness and Economicsilievskib@wou.eduWEST 206
Tad ShannonComputer Scienceshannont@wou.eduOED 227
Becca McCannellCreative Artsmccannr@wou.eduCH 312
Miyuki ArimotoCriminal Justice Sciencesarimotom@wou.eduMA 205
Elisa MaroneyDeaf and Professional Studiesmaronee@wou.eduRWEC 144
Jennifer Taylor-WinneyHealth and Exercise Sciencetaylorj@wou.eduRWEC 233
Mark PerlmanHumanitiesperlmam@wou.eduHSS 304
Sue KundaLibrarykundas@wou.eduHL 208B
Ben CotéNatural Sciences and Mathematicscoteb@wou.eduMNB 131
Isidore LobnibeSocial Sciencelobnibei@wou.eduHSS 210B

Independent Financial Analysis of Western Oregon University from Dr. Howard Bunsis:

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