Grievance and Complaint Form

This form can be used for anonymous reporting or as initial reporting to WOUFT of a grievance/issue you are experiencing at Western Oregon University. It can also be used if you are uncertain whether your issue is a grievance. If you file an anonymous report, it will be for information purposes only as we cannot follow through with counsel on the matter, without your identification. This is appropriate if you’d like to raise a concern to the WOUFT Executive Committee but may not be ready to follow through with either an informal or formal grievance.

A “grievance” is any violation of our union’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA or “contract”), which includes standards around salary, benefits, work space, time off, and more. You can view the full text of the current CBA on our Collective Bargaining page.

If areas of the CBA are not being honored, this is considered a grievance, whether it’s filed formally or not. It is your right to file formal grievances through WOUFT, or to keep them at the informal level for resolution. WOUFT does not file grievances on your behalf without your permission, and any reporting on this form will be strictly confidential until you wish it to be otherwise.

All form responses will be read exclusively by the President of the WOUFT Executive Council. The president will decide, along with counsel of one other grievance officer, and the Executive Council, next steps in moving forward.

    Assigned tasks outside of job descriptionDenial of sick leaveDiscrimination, harrassment, or bullyingInappropriate discipline or sanctionLate appointment letter or assignment of dutiesOffice space violationSalary violationUnfair terminationWorkload violationImproper tenure and promotion processOther


    YesYes, but keep my name anonymousNo