Membership, Dues and Benefits


All faculty, tenure track and non-tenure track, employed at .5 FTE or above at Western Oregon University are invited to join WOUFT.

To join WOUFT, please download and fill out the membership application

WOUFT Membership Application

and submit an electronic copy by email to Vice-President of Membership and Organization Dirk Freymuth at Please email Dirk if you would prefer to send in a paper application or if you have any questions about membership in WOUFT.


From ARTICLE XII of the WOUFT Constitution and Bylaws (salary rates from the current CBA):

Member dues shall be collected monthly at the rate proportional to gross monthly salary, according to the table below. The base salary for determining the monthly deduction shall exclude summer salary or any additional stipends that a faculty member might receive. For faculty whose 9-month salary is distributed over 12 months, the dues deduction will be taken over 12 months. 

Below Tenure-Track Step 1 (2020-21: $54,215)    1.028%
At or above TT Step 1 and Below TT Step 15 (2020-21: $54,215-$66,121)    1.079%
At or above TT Step 15 and Below TT Step 25 (2020-21: $66,121-$76,964)    1.233%
At or above TT Step 25 and Below TT Step 33 (2020-21: $76,964-$87,509)    1.388%
At or above TT Step 33 1.542%
Note that although expressed in terms of TT step salaries, these rates apply to both TT and NTT members of WOUFT.

Per the AFT Constitution, when per capita increases are implemented by AFT or AFT-Oregon, WOUFT member dues rates shall be increased in equal proportion to such increases. These induced WOUFT dues rate increases are called pass-throughs. When such a pass-through is required, the WOUFT Treasurer is responsible for calculating the resulting percent increase in total WOUFT percapita payments. When any such pass-through WOUFT dues increase is triggered, the WOUFT Treasurer will apply the rate increase to the rates in the table in Section 1, maintaining three decimal places. Upon review by the Executive Council, this WOUFT Constitution and Bylaws is thereby considered amended without ratification and will be immediately posted as amended and the membership immediately notified.

(Note that the dues rates in the table above are likely subject to marginal increases upon implementation of AFT and/or AFT-Oregon 2020 pass-throughs; see the note immediately below the table.)
Other than pass-through dues increases described in Section 3 of Article XII of the WOUFT Constitution and Bylaws, any change in local dues must be proposed at a regular membership meeting or in a special meeting as specified in Article XI. A vote on the proposal shall be conducted at the next regular meeting and must receive a majority vote to pass.

For questions about dues, please contact your WOUFT Treasurer Chloë Hughes ( or President Bryan Dutton (


A strong Union negotiates better benefits for our bargaining unit!

  • Increased Wages and Salary Steps
    • Higher take-home pay
    • More steps for experienced members
  • Health Insurance
    • Insurance coverage for our families at affordable rates
  • The Right to Representation
    • If a discussion could affect our job, we have the right to Union representation
    • Due process and just cause for all
  • Voting Rights for WOUFT Members
    • Accept or reject proposed contracts
    • Vote on Executive Council officers
    • Vote on AFT-Oregon and AFT National Convention delegates
  • Collective Voice
    • Resolve issues with our peers
    • Represent us on important WOU committees such as budget committee, Joint Labor Management Committee, etc.
  • Nationwide Member Discounts

An effective Union needs skilled staff and financial resources. Our volunteer efforts and dues make our Union stronger. Together we have more bargaining power!

AFT + Member Benefits

AFT+ Member BenefitsAFT + is the name of the member benefit programs available to AFT members and their families. Many of the programs are provided through Union Privilege, the benefit arm of the AFL-CIO; others are unique to AFT and are coordinated directly through AFT +. Explore the site and learn more about the savings and services available to you as a union member. Click here to learn more about AFT + Member Benefits.

You will need to activate your AFT Membership card to use most of the AFT + site.

If you need a replacement AFT Membership Card, first check your contact information with WOUFT VP of Membership and Organization Dirk Freymuth, then email :