Article 15 Cuts

WOU President Fuller has invoked Article 15, indicating that “program or discipline curtailment” is “imminent” at WOU. The President released his Final Plan in early December 2020, leaving the WOU community reeling. The Final Plan included the termination of the Philisophy minor program, which was not in the Draft Plan and which WOUFT was therefore unable to review the cut, a violation of the CBA. WOUFT filed a successful grievance and was permitted to review and provide comment, delaying the implementation of all cuts. After WOUFT reviewed and opposed the cut, President Fuller included the Philosophy minor cut in his Revised Final Plan, released to WOUFT on February 26.

Link to Download WOUFT Response to President Fuller’s Article 15 Draft Plan

Link to Download President Fuller’s Article 15 Revised Final Plan

Your WOUFT Executive Council has been reaching out to key legislators and the press to ensure that they are aware of the leadership crisis at WOU.

If you have any questions please contact WOUFT President Bryan Dutton.

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